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 “For me, I found your movie very insightful about the thorny issue of immigration, a topic that’s always presented from the viewpoint of the successful immigrant or their descendants. Your film explores some of the harder truths: the brokenness, the silence, and the finality that result from migration. That you give those left behind a chance to speak is a remarkable feature of this movie.”

 Writer and Historian, Ben Lariccia


“…we need to revisit our past… and reconcile it with our present.”

Anthony Julian Tamburri, Dean and Executive Director, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute


“You managed to avoid the clichés so tempting, but included their essential elements -a tour de force, for sure.”

George S. Semsel, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Ohio University


“Combining sage storytelling with brilliant cinematography, this documentary is a joy to watch and a lesson for all who ache for better knowledge of their personal histories.”

Fred Gardaphe’ Distinguished Professor of English and Italian Studies

John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

“La Mia Strada poignantly shows the deep connection we Italian-Americans feel to the “old country”, while retaining our own version of Italian culture here. Bravissimo, maestro.”

Roger L. Gennari, Ph.D., President of the Italian Club of St. Louis


“Thank you Michael for chronicling our history.”

Dona DeSanctis, Editor in Chief, Italian America Magazine

“Felicitazioni e BRAVO, Mikey! Your documentary La Mia Strata is truly a deeply introspective, sensitive and moving representation of not just the Italian immigrant’s story, but a universal acknowledgement that we all have huge missing pieces to our understanding.”

Jill Frazee O’Brien

“Your documentary tugged ay my heartstrings…so many similarities to my family history.”


Robert Del Greco, Ed.D. Robert Morris University

“Your film followed a spiritual trail that was compelling and fascinating.”

John Marshall, Filmmaker

“Brilliant work! The minute the opening sounds of those nostalgic church bells rang, I heard my mother”breathe it in…”

Lisa Santoro, President, Dante Alighieri Society, Pittsburgh, PA


“DiLauro’s gift to us is La Mia Strada-My  Road”

Anthony Grano, La Gazetta Italiana

“I was moved, almost to tears, because your family’s story is also my family story.”

Vince Ombres, Pittsburgh, PA

A gorgeous movie full of magnificent scenery and memorable characters whose love of the land and patterns of life will move even the stoniest of hearts.”

Tony Ardizzone, Author


I have been durably impressed by your film: a true “sentimental journey” that is all the more powerful because of its dignified sobriety.

Silvio Marchetti, Director- Italian Cultural Institute, Chicago


Through beautiful imagery, inspiring music, and thought-provoking stories and interviews, La Mia Strada guides the viewer to their own, personal road of discovering how the past is connected to the present, the importance of linking the two, and the relationships and cultural ideals that help to maintain or interrupt that connection.

Pamela Dorazio Dean, Associate Curator, Italian American HistoryWestern Reserve Historical Society



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