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La Mia Strada is a feature-length documentary that offers a personal perspective on ethnicity and culture as it links ancient and contemporary Italian culture with its Italian-American counterpart. It’s a discovery of how fragile the bonds are that connect a family from generation to generation, from country to country, even as they search for ways to adapt to an ever-changing world. Over a period of years, the filmmaker has conducted dozens of interviews, explored historical sites, sifted through archeological artifacts, dug through family photographs, and immersed himself in the music, poetry, and oral histories of the Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia regions.  La Mia Strada links the ancient and contemporary history of families divided by an ocean, yet united by an indelible genetic bond.

Films Festival Official Selections

Salerno, Italy Film Festival (Offical Selection) 2016

Spotlight Documentary Film Award. Selected along with 250 films worldwide as Best (Silver Award)  2014-2015

Media Communications Association- International Film Festival (Silver Award)

Palestrina, Italy Film Festival (Official Selection)

Atlantic City, NJ  Film Festival (Official Selection)


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      1. Ninette Bavaro-Latronica

        Puglia is south of Abruzzo, my family is from the Bari area. I noticed your family is from Foggia area, in North Puglia. Looking forward to purchasing your documentary.

  1. Giuseppe Annino

    Cinema Little Italy is a non-profit dedicated to sharing an understanding and appreciation of Italian Culture through its world famous cinema. We would like to include your documentary in our 2015 film series.
    Where are the purchase instructions?


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